The Amarula Don Pedro is a grown up milkshake made from Amarula liqueur mixed with ice cream and a ton of cream usually served in a tall glass.

You might have come across the wonderful Amarula liqueur before, this staple from South Africa first launched in the 80s and is present across international markets. It is made with sugar, cream and the fruit of the African Marula tree.

There is just one place on earth where the Marula trees grow – Africa. The Marula trees are protected under South African law and are a key part of African heritage.

The liqueur brand features an elephant and the company is known for having created The Amarula Trust aiming to safeguard the African elephant as every 15 minutes one is lost to poaching. But why? Well, like us elephants enjoy eating the fruit of the Marula tree and let’s face it their opinion carries a lot of weight.

Is it a cocktail, is a dessert? Who cares those are my two favorite things so it’s a dessert-cocktail hybrid BOOM.

3 cups vanilla ice cream
½ cup Amarula liqueur
½ cup cream (you can also use milk but we will judge you)

-Scoop your ice cream into a blender
-Gently add your Amarula liqueur and cream/milk
-Blend well and divide into wine glasses
-Garnish as you wish. We went overboard and decided to just throw in some more cream, chocolate sauce, some biscuits and anything else you can name as garnish because we only live once. Should you cut back on alcohol or dessert? Hmmm let’s reschedule that decision for next week – you are welcome!

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