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Dawa: The cure

From Kenya with Love

The Dawa, from the Swahili word meaning “Medicine”, promises to cure whatever ails you. We doubt vodka is the answer but its worth the shot.

The story goes that Samson Kivelenge, part of the The Carnivore restaurant in Nairobi, named this refreshing cocktail Dawa as it acts as a protective layer before tasting the restaurant's exotic game meats of grilled giraffe, impala, and wildebeest.

The zingy cocktail, with roots in the Brazilian caipirinha, has as distinguishing presentation characteristic the "dawa stick" a wood cocktail muddler that aids you in mixing the sweet Kenyan honey.

A few ingredients, easy method, and a cure for all your problems in one - WIN!

Give it a try this weekend, take a snap and tag @azgoafrica. We'll show you ours if you show us yours...


2 oz vodka
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp tsp brown sugar

2 limes
Crushed ice


- Cut the limes into chunks

- Into an old fashioned glass place the lime chunks, honey and sugar
- Muddle gently to release flavour
- Add the crushed ice

- Add the vodka and stir

- We suggest a lime wheel as a garnish

- Add the dawa stick and enjoy!

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