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Nigerian Chapman

Sangria of Africa

One of the most popular drinks for cocktail parties in Nigeria, "The Chapman" is the Sangria of Africa.

The reddish drink is a favourite for those warm BBQ days that see you dancing to some great Naija music. You've not experienced Nigeria until you've had a cold glass of Chapman...

In 2014, the first ready-to-drink Chapman was released into the Nigerian market. The “Smoov Chapman” has since been the go to brand for many Chapman fans, but we think there is nothing like making your own!

The drink contains Angostura aromatic bitters, but some are known to add a little extra oomph through a cap-full or two (use your discretion) of their spirit of choice.

Give it a try this weekend, take a snap and tag @azgoafrica. We'll show you ours if you show us yours...

300 ml of Fanta
500 ml of Sprite
Juice from one orange
½ cup Grenadine Syrup
Angostura Bitters
Garnish: sliced cucumber, limes and mint leaves (feel free to add other fruits of your liking)

- Put a hand full of ice cubes in the cocktail bowl/jug
- Pour in the grenadine syrup
- Pour in the sprite, fanta and fresh orange juice into the same bowl/jug and stir
- Add splashes of angostura aromatic bitters for taste
- Cut the cucumber and limes and throw into the mixture
- Add the ice cubes
- Top with mint leaves and serve chilled

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